Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Brussels Sprouts 'Falstaff' Revisited

I just heard from my friend Jim in California who introduced me to the 'Falstaff' Brussels sprout last winter. His are stunted and buggy as well which is reassuring. There's something comforting in hearing of your fellow gardeners having the same problems. It's especially nice when they live in a place like California which seems to brag about its wonderful sunshine 24/7. He's hoping for some sustained fall weather to bring them around.

I still want a refund on my Pacific Northwest summer! So far it's been a pleasant autumn. I think someone has heard my plea.

'Falstaff' back-flipping and buggy.


Anonymous said...

I'm starting a winter garden for the first time. Where do you buy your seeds? Is there a place in town? Seems like mail would take too long ...
Thank you,

Bridget Lamp said...

I bought these seeds from Cook's Garden (now owned by Ball).

In Seattle, I would try City People's. They have a good selection of seed.

Good luck!