Friday, December 19, 2008

Dude, where's my garden?

For Seattle, the snow in the last 24 hours has been quite intense. Nothing can be done now if potted plants got left out, or if tender plants weren't covered.

I'm guilty of "weather forecast denial." Snow was forecasted for Wed, school was cancelled, and we got a little freezing rain. Snow? Yeah right! So when they were talking about snow on Thurs, I remained skeptical. The week before they said Friday and through the weekend. It didn't show up until Saturday night.

Everything will be fine, right? Snow is insulating!

But, when I woke up on Thursday morning, wondering how I would get up the hill to work, I was made a believer. I guess it snowed. The forecasters were right. About five inches later, it finally tapered off.

This is the perfect time to start looking at your garden (from the inside with cocoa) since at this time you can really see its structure. You may also see the plants that are not going to survive the cold. It may take a few months to see what truly will survive. Just keep in mind a dead plant is a great excuse to go shopping for at least one new replacement!

Armchair gardening is in full swing right now. I have the Raintree catalogue and Seeds of Change just showed up in the mail this week. If I can't garden outside, I can at least dream of the harvest of fresh veggies I'll have in the summer.

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primrozie said...

Your garden looks like mine! Do you start very much from seed in the house? I'll have more inside than I did last year ~ I've made a light set up out of an old shelving unit.

I have some new varieties I can't wait to try this year. We'll see what ends up staying and what gets replaced.