Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gardening with Baby

Although they add a nice touch to the dining table, I've managed to avoid the rose bug. I can't explain it; they just don't do it for me. Yet, I haven't removed them from my garden.

Since my son, Oliver, was born, I've been taking care of my roses more. By care, I mean deadheading. It's been challenging to find the time to crawl on the ground myself and weed around the veggies.

Oliver hates being inside the house, as do most Seattlites during the summer. And this summer has been especially nice! He is most happy in the Moby wrap which straps him to my chest leaving my hands free to clip and snip. Since I can't bend over or stoop while he's in the wrap (he could fall out!) I prune pretty much anything within arm's reach.

Oliver and I pruning Hot Cocoa.

I'll update this post in the future with a recipe for rose petal ice cream. Meanwhile, if Oliver starts fussing, you can find us in the garden sprucing up the roses.

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Myrnie said...

What a darling photo! My baby is 10 months old now, but she still LOVES the moby wrap :) I'm glad you two are getting outside and enjoying the weather!