Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Little Box of Leeks

My eyes are bigger than my garden. Every gardener out there has experienced this at least once. Some of us, it's a weekly thing as we decide to just take a spin through a nursery to see what's there without the intention of buying anything.

I tried to convince Eldon that we should go to the Seattle Tilth sale earlier this month. His response, "Do we need more edibles?" Um, yes!

Regardless, I've been on a quest for a culinary bay laurel. I noticed they were at City People's at the end of winter so I went back a few weeks ago to check if they were still there. Alas, no. But, I found a few other edibles to cram into my garden. I replaced my oregano that didn't survive a transplanting and my accidentally stepping on it--oops!

For a couple weeks, I had been eyeing leeks. I scratched them from my seed list and immediately regretted it. Well, I know how to solve that. I'll just buy starts! It will save me some work. And there they were at City People's. I couldn't buy just one pot. I took two. Never mind that each pot has at least 10 leeks.

When I got home, I realized that one pot was probably sufficient. But, with my wall-mounted planter box, was able to stick 12 leeks in there. Eldon loves grilled ramps, essentially baby leeks, so I don't have to worry about them getting too big. I'll just harvest them when they are the size of a green bunching onion.

It's crowded in there, but I still found a way to plant nasturtium seeds in the middle of the two rows of leeks. Why not? Who knows? It may just turn out great.


Anonymous said...

Leeks are the best - hardy, undemanding, harvest almost anytime, ...

I noticed soy beans on your seed list. How do those do in the Seattle climate?

Bridget Lamp said...

I think my soy beans were planted too soon and possibly rotted out. I'll keep checking and let you know!