Thursday, November 4, 2010

More fall harvests

I regret not planting more leeks this summer. Actually, I did plant a bunch in my planter box, but I wasn't quick enough to use them for grilled ramps.

I let six of them get to full size in one of my beds. Here are the best looking ones after being cleaned and trimmed after harvest.

I have several soup recipes that these will go well in. All are from Thomas Keller's ad hoc. Yes, one can cook recipes from the fancy French food chef! There is an entire chapter devoted to soup and most call for a base of carrots, leeks, and onions that are slowly cooked for at least a half hour. These recipes are a tad involved, but totally do-able compared to his French Laundry cookbook. My favorites are Split Pea with ham hock, fresh peas, and mint; Lentil and Sweet Potato; and Chicken Soup with dumplings. Another favorite, and the entire reason why I decided to grow escarole this fall, is his Heirloom Bean and Escarole soup. Featuring a smoked ham hock (which, by the way, I get from Bob's Quality Meats down the street) that stews for an hour and falls off the bone. It's the perfect comfort food for a nasty winter day.

I was late in planting out my carrots since this summer was cool. I planned on planting then out in early July, but just barely sowed them before the month was over. It's still July, right? No big deal!

I had to use my contrasting blue cutting board against the orange carrots!

Well, as you can see, these Tonda di Parigi carrots are pretty runty. I think planting them a few weeks earlier would have helped. I'll make sure next year I get these in around the 4th of July. I think I may use these as part of my base for my fall soups. The flavor is a bit too pungent for straight snacking.

Even though we've had record warmth these last few days, I'm ready for comforting winter soups.


Tboy said...

Dear Lamp, do you have any idea how much I love Thomas Keller? He is my hero. The reason why I went to the CIA. The reason I created Prix Fixe. He is my hero!

Meanwhile, your carrots look dumb. Sorry about that....

I like your garden. I like you. That is all for now.

cabby415 said...

I came across your blog looking up Thai Roselle. I really like your blog and the recipes you added. I have a small plot as well in a community garden. I have had it 1 year so far and cannot believe all that has come from this 11x20 ft plot and this being my first time! Keep up the wood work and I will be checking in to see what 2011 brings.