Friday, January 6, 2012


Who says there's nothing growing or edible in the garden at this time of year?

True, we may not have tomatoes ripening on the vine, but we can still harvest fresh herbs. My three parsley plants are still going strong. And I have sage, rosemary, and oregano to chop up and throw into various dishes like roasted squash and marinara sauce.

I made lamb kefta last week and the recipe calls for a lot of parsley and cilantro. While I had cilantro in the fridge, I briefly panicked because I forgot parsley on my shopping list. Then I realized the three plants still going in the back yard. Freshly chopped, straight-from-the-garden sure beats expensive store-bought herbs. And if you're opting for organic, it's even more pricey.

What a beautiful green bouquet!

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