Friday, June 1, 2012

Gutter Gardens

I was super lucky to experience Floriade last month. Floriade is the World Horticulture Expo and happens once every 10 years in the Netherlands. This time Venlo is the host city; located within the Linburg province and close to the German border. The festivities go through October.

I know the Netherlands has a reputation for horticulture excellence, but I had no idea until I arrived in person.

This expo goes well beyond tulips and daffodils. Everything from whimsical spaces with fire breathing dragons to voices in the forest to gardens showcasing edibles. And cultural experiences from countries all over the world from Chile to China.

There's a trend to maximize growing space by going vertical called "gutter gardening."The idea was well executed at the Floriade by mixing wall sculptures with rustic troughs.

I really like this look. Some of the troughs have a small wall behind them while others are more "see through." Though this garden featured succulents and grasses, this concept can be used for lettuces, micro greens, strawberries, and herbs.

They've even included a wood burning fireplace for cooking. The ultimate dream of taking your veggies straight from the garden and grilling within minutes of harvesting. Fresh!

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