Saturday, October 13, 2012

Here Comes the Rain Again

What a contrast in weather compared to last week. I didn't mind what seemed like an endless summer, but I knew the party would end sometime soon. We're finally getting some light drizzle and my garden is trying to soak it all up.

I'm glad I took on harvesting every last tomato last week. It ended up being a larger project than I anticipated. I so many tomatoes a friend told me I should quit my job and become a tomato farmer. Not sure if that's in my future at the moment. As I picked tomatoes, I removed the plants from the beds getting them ready for winter. Here's a look at the harvest.

Grappoli d'Inverno--great for sauce and confit

Yellow Estonian Cherry--sunny cirtus flavored fruits good in salads

I hope you enjoyed these. Bookmark this page when you need a little sunshine this winter!

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