Monday, November 12, 2012

Figgy Pudding

I was surprised to have figs on my tree this summer despite the hard pruning I gave it last winter. Unfortunately, the fruits were a month late which led to an entire crop of unripened fruit.

Not a single fig came close to being ripe. I can stomach a few taste tests towards the end of summer, and I usually manage eating three figs before the starlings devour them. They too will test out the fruits to see how ripe they are. I had only one round of starlings visit this fall. We can both agree that this year's figs were disappointing.

So it looks like no figgy pudding. Not that I've ever tried making it. I really prefer to eat figs fresh from the tree. But, maybe one of these winters I'll find an excuse to make the traditional dessert. Any dessert that calls for flambé is worth trying at least once!


Myrnie said...

I just finished raking up all the frost-damaged, unripened figs from my tree. So sad!

Unknown said...

We still have huge, hard, yellow reddish apples falling from the trees. Like rocks. Oh, and the neighbors massacred all those lovely Italian plum trees. Sad.