Thursday, April 17, 2008

Evidence of Nasturtium and Sweet Peas!

This time of year, I get a little impatient with two things: the emerging veggies and the weather.

I am watching the blank spaces of soil I know have seeds underneath them. The fava beans should be showing some sign of life by now, but there is nothing. I am a little worried a busy squirrel has ran off with a stash of my beans. There are small foot prints near where I poked them through the ground.

It's also possible that they're just slow. The seed packet claims that I will have germination in 7-12 days. It's been 22 days since planting. My patience wears thin.

On the other hand, my nasturtiums and sweet peas have emerged. Like a watched pot never boils, it may very well be that a blank patch of soil will never sprout. I hadn't hovered over them for a week, and here they are.

This little nasturtium sprout is too cute.

I finally have two sweet pea shoots.

Now for the weather. I am in total denial about the looming snow forecast for this weekend. Of course, Mother Nature needs to remind us we're not past the "frost-free date" yet. I have always been told that this date for Seattle is April 20. Checking the Farmer's Almanac online, it says March 24 is our last frost date and we have a growing season of 232 days. This seems quite generous for our area.

At least I haven't started planting my tomato and eggplant starts. I know better than that. I hope the little ones brave enough to break through the soil will make it.

But, then again, it's not going to snow, right?


YC in Seattle said...

I'm with you on the snow denial...
Thankfully, I only have cool-season plants in the garden so far.

The Gardeness said...

Nope, just hail. How crazy, and annoying,is this weather? Just today I started seeds inside. My kitchen garden is not in planting condition. Guess that's a good thing at this point! - Melanthia (Magnolia)

Science PhD Mom said...

Out here on the Kitsap peninsula, we have been fortunate enough to avoid any sticking snow. A friend in Lynnwood says she is not so fortunate. I did have to put some pipe insulation around the trunks of new fruit trees. I'm glad I've not put out my tomato starts yet!