Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Window Shopping" at City People's

I've been looking for a ground cover to plant underneath my fig tree. The area stays quite shady and a bit dry since the fig steals most of the water. I was thinking of Omphaloides nitida, or "navelwort," so I took a trip to City People's. Plus, I was in the neighborhood so my trip was inevitable.

I found the straight species in a 1-gallon size and the cultivar 'Starry Eyes' that has a white stripes on the petals. Both seemed a bit on the pricey side for me so I decided to think it over. It started to rain as I ducked into the store.

Before I knew it, there I was, looking at the seed racks. I scooped up three packets of Renee's Garden seed: Cerinthe major purpurescens (honeywort), Italian sage, and Thai Chiles Duo. Scroll down within each link to find more info and photos on each one from Renee.

I'm such a sucker! But, I have plans for each one of these. The honeywort will be a great filler in the front garden, and it's a hardy perennial. I just passed a neighbor's yard the other day and they already have plants about to bloom.

The Italian sage will be great in the front garden as well, and my friend just gave me some pots she isn't using anymore. It will look great next to my potted oregano and mint.

The Thai Chile Duo I'm hoping will stay small, but fruit like crazy. I want to make a center piece for my outdoor table this summer for all those 'al fresco' dinners I'm looking forward to.

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