Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Biggest Parsnip Ever

I left some parsnips to overwinter. I couldn't keep up with eating them last fall, and was curious to see what would happen to them.

The greens were not affected by snow or cold--although it was a relatively mild winter. Plus, my back garden has great western exposure so whenever the sun is shining, it feels warmer than the rest of the yard.

Look! The sun is shining on them right now. It was so warm on Saturday, I was able to wear a short-sleeve shirt. Not bad for the end of March.

Parsnip greens look very similar to Italian parsley. They both belong to the carrot family (Apiaceae). I am leaving this small bunch to flower and see what they will look like. I'm sure the flowers will attract bees or other pollinators.

While I was removing the other parsnips from the bed, I came upon a doozie. This parsnip was so big, it took a small excavation to extract it from the ground. I managed to pull out the entire thing in one piece.

Check that out. Pretty impressive! It was about three feet long. My son thought so too and was thrilled to carry it into the house. I didn't bother to cook it up. Just took its picture to show all of you!

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