Thursday, September 20, 2012

Collecting Seed

I let my parsnips go to seed this year. The inflorescences reached 10 feet tall and the flowers are like Queen Anne's Lace--both are in the carrot family. It was a lovely site in my early spring garden and soon the seeds started to set.

But with early spring came rain and wind. The stalks were constantly blowing over and crashing into my other plants. At this rate, I wouldn't have any seed to collect. And now the pressure was on. My neighbor at first thought I was growing dill. But when he found out it was parsnip I was letting go to seed, he asked for some. I'm always willing to share.

As planting season approached for summer veggies, I had to start pulling out my parsnip patch. I wasn't sure I would have seed for next year as this rate. I managed to save a couple of plants next to one of my roses. That way if the rain and wind continued, they'd have support. Luckily they were only about five feet tall.

Seed stalks!

A few days ago I harvested the seed and placed them in envelopes. I slipped one into my neighbor's mailbox. I hope they get a good crop. I know I'm looking forward to planting parsnips again!

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