Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Accident

This is my first year growing winter squash. I didn't think much about providing a support for the Delicata vines to climb on. I thought if I just provided enough space for them to scramble along, I'd be fine. I also thought that the squash would be too heavy to need support. Wouldn't they'd be better on the grround?

Well, as you can see, the vines found my fennel. You can see it against the blue-green stems of the infloresence (fancy botany speak for flower stalk).

I saw it flowering a few weeks ago, but didn't really pay much attention until this caught my eye while watering yesterday...
Whoa! When did that happen?! Amazing. Well, it looks like next year, I'll provide better support for the Delicata squash. Maybe a tee-pee trellis. I may have a bumper crop this year so lock your car doors everyone. This squash doesn't store well so I'll be giving them away.

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