Sunday, March 30, 2008

Onion Sprouts with a Side of Snow

I've become a sprout watcher. I can't help but check the garden every day or every other day for little green things poking their heads up through the soil.

Late last week I noticed that I just might have some Walla Walla onions this season!

Aren't they cute? I also checked the planter boxes for sprouts. I know the nasturtiums aren't germinating yet. I checked them anyway, of course. I did find a few of the French green beans unfurling in there.

Can you see them? I counted three so far. They aren't green yet.

And then there are the snow showers that have graced our first lovely week of spring. Yes, it is beautiful to watch large flakes fall from the sky and accumulate here and there. My wool winter coat emerged from the closet again. Really--I'm done with winter. I'm ready for sunny skies and warm days. Here for us in Seattle "warm" means "50 and above." Not too much to ask for, right? Meanwhile in Southern California, there has been a "cold snap" which means the temperature dropped to 65. Moving on.

I'm wondering where my sweet peas are. I haven't seen any sign of them yet. I set a handful of seeds aside to soak and start in little pots to transplant out. The 'Blue Reflections' I planted last year never even sprouted! So I'm determined this year to have the 'Matucana' fragrant beauties grace my garden.

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Teresa said...

My sugar snaps are up but I can't figure out why the New Zealand Spinach is not! I planted them both on the same day after an overnight soak.
I am more of a flower/bush/tree gardener but I enjoy your expertise and enthusiasm for urban gardening.