Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beans, Beans!

Beans really are a magical fruit. I am amazed how easy they are for me every year. I directly sowed the seed once it got warm enough. This year, it was just before the 4th of July...although we got tricked into thinking that was the start of our summer here in Seattle. Then I watered them in and kept the soil moist and within a week and a half or so, they sprouted.

I couldn't keep up with the harvest this year again. But, that's okay since what I don't eat can be saved for next year's planting. And the old plants can be turned under before I plant my winter veggies.

I had fun this year planting my Purple Pole Beans next to a rose bush as a support. This rose reaches about 7-8' and was a lovely natural trellis.

I planted Purple Podded bush bean as well. Both of these had a nutty flavor. I never did get around to cooking them up. I imagine they'd be great in a stir fry. I just ate them straight from the garden. Yum!

Another cool variety were the 'Dragon Tongue' bush beans. I wish they were a pole bean because the pods with their contrasting cream and purple skin are hidden close to the ground. I'd like to have them at eye level. Ah well.

Still fun to look at even if you have to crouch down to get a peek at them. These had a more green flavor...not quite grassy, but close. Again, I only ate them from the garden and didn't get around to trying them in a dish. All of them are perfect for snacking as you wander the garden.

Oh, and for the record, another bowl of tomatoes were harvested this evening. Woohoo!

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