Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tomatoes and Eggplant

When I got home this afternoon, my son asked if we could go outside and pick tomatoes. No one has to ask me twice!

Today there was a definite hint of fall in the air. It rained last night and was still overcast when we headed out. But, still warm enough where I'm not feeling panicked about ripping out tomato plants just yet.

We gathered a fantastic looking bowl of tomatoes and eggplant. Check it out!

Most of the tomatoes are the Isis Candy which are delicious! Tangy and sweet with a cool orange-red swirl of color around the fruit. I would say it's a nice balance between the sweet, sweet Black Cherry and the punchy tang of the Wow!

I had given up on the Isis Candy harvest since they are quite slow to ripen given the cool summer we had. If it weren't for growing these beauties in the south-facing front yard, I'm sure most of them would still be green.

As we filled the bowl, my son reminded me about making green tomato pie. And, he mentioned several times he wanted it "now." Maybe later this week, we'll fill a bowl of all green tomatoes just for that.

Oh, and I almost forgot the eggplant! One of my Little Fingers eggplant finally came round and produced a handful (pun intended!). If you look closely at about 6 o'clock in the bowl, there is one peeking out. The others you see are Kyoto Egg. One single plants had a good looking and sizable crop--close to 10 eggplants!

I promise I'll make a separate post of what they look like out in the garden. I hope to convince you to plant your edibles amongst your perennials.

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