Friday, September 30, 2011


Yes, there are times when something I've grown in the garden just doesn't quite work out.

My early purple sprouting broccoli has grown wonderfully. The stalks are huge and about 4' tall. But, I have yet to get any flowers on them.

Instead of giving up completely, I decided to try sauteing the leaves with some butter and garlic. A friend told me that the leaves can be very tasty. They seemed similar in texture to lacinato kale and became a lovely green color when I cooked them up.

Looks good!

Oh, but what a disappointment when I tried them. They were leathery and not flavorful at all. No amount of butter, garlic, and even Parmesan cheese would make these right!

Ah well. I guess I'll keep growing on the others until they finally sprout or a freeze knocks them back for the season. Stay tuned!

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