Saturday, February 11, 2012

Northwest Flower and Garden Show

I could smell the Northwest Flower and Garden Show a block away as I climbed up Pike Street. You know that smell when you walk into a florist? That fresh-cut flower smell that is close to carnations? I was convinced spring arrived early.

Well, it did this year with the show. Usually it doesn't happen for a couple more weeks, but I'm glad it's here now. This winter hasn't been that bad--yes, a week of snow--but it hasn't been as wet and cold as it could be. But, still, we had a dismal summer so having this escape was a nice respite.

I know I talked up the amount of edible lectures at this year's show and I was looking forward to the displays being as impressive. Unfortunately, there was only one display that showcased how wonderful edibles can look in your garden.

Well...okay, two, but although this has edible items in its display, it's not technically filled with edible plants.

Yum! A garden with bread and cake.

They did manage to squeeze in this urn planter with an culinary bay tree. Nice. I have one of these in my garden...although it's much smaller and in the ground.

The one true edible display was created by Cascadian Edible Landscapes. Featuring colorful chard, kale, and an assortment of herbs. The main focal point was a converted VW Bus for 5 cute hens that were pecking around.

I also liked the large table that was probably 10 feet long decorated with pots crammed with herbs--mostly mint and thyme. A lovely touch and so easy to do!

Anyone can take this idea home with them for their outdoor summertime soirees.

I couldn't believe my eyes with apple trees and blueberry shrubs forced into bloom in time for the show. I have been involved in a similar process and it's tricky. Timing is everything since you want flowers for the show, but not too early that they're spent and falling off as the garden is installed.

Nice job, Cascadian Edible Landscapes! I'm inspired to eat my yard this summer. I hope others were too.

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